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Mad Clown feat. Hyorin - Without You, 매드 클라운feat. 효린.

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Worldwide crazy clown phenomenon grows ever more frenzied.

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MV <i>Mad</i> <i>Clown</i> - Lost Without You Feat. Bolbbalgan4 • Kpopmap.

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A paparazzi photos were uploaded on an online community forum showing Soyu and Mad Clown having a sweet stroll together at Seorae Village in Seoul.

Worldwide crazy <em>clown</em> phenomenon grows ever more frenzied.
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However, it has been revealed that the two were not on an actual date but rather working on a duet song together for Mad Clown's upcoming debut.KPOP SISTAR's Soyu and rapper Mad Clown spotted on a date.

Mad clown dating:

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